1. How do I access Praxis?

    Praxis can be accessed directly through any personal computer equipped with a modern web browser and an Internet connection. Simply launch the Praxis application website in your web browser and register for an account.

  2. Does every individual participating in a Praxis simulation need to pay for a Praxis license ?

    No. All Praxis users need to register, but if you are only going to be participating in a simulation, your account is free. If you are creating and delivering simulations, you will need to sign up for a paid account.

  3. I'm planning to create and deliver a simulation. How do I purchase a license?

    There are three paid licensing options available to suit a wide range of organizations, from small enterprises to multinational corporations. Contact us to discuss the best option for you.

  4. How much does Praxis cost?

    The cost of Praxis is more reasonable than you might expect. Once a Praxis scenario is produced, it is stored in your account's library and can be modified and delivered as often as required. Please contact us for complete pricing information.

  5. Can Praxis simulations be delivered to multiple locations?

    With Praxis, individuals and teams can connect from any Internet-enabled computer and participate live with others, anywhere in the world, in real time.

  6. What do we need to install to run our simulations? What do our trainees need to install to participate in our simulations? Does Praxis need expensive hardware/software?

    As a SaaS application, Praxis runs entirely over the web. There is no need to install any special hardware or software within your organization's infrastructure. Administrators and participants only need a PC or laptop with Internet access and a modern web browser.

  7. Our organization needs to comply with special security/privacy regulations. Can we deploy and run it on our own infrastructure?

    Praxis can be installed on-premise. Speak to one of our representatives for more information.

  8. Which browsers are currently supported?

    Supported browsers for Windows are:
    ✓ Google Chrome
    ✓ Microsoft Edge
    ✓ Mozilla Firefox

    Supported browsers for Mac are:
    ✓ Safari
    ✓ Google Chrome
    ✓ Microsoft Edge
    ✓ Mozilla Firefox

  9. Can Praxis run in my organization’s managed IT environment?

    Yes. However, if your organization restricts access to third-party sites and you want to deliver content from those sites inside your Praxis simulations, you will need to take that into consideration. Some organizations prevent access to sites that consume a lot of bandwidth, such as YouTube and Vimeo. This means you may not be able to include content from those sites in your scenarios. Alternatively, video content can be streamed from Praxis's streaming media servers located in our domain.

    Praxis can also access video content hosted within your organization's IT infrastructure on platforms like Adobe Media Server or Kaltura ( MediaSpace or Community Edition CMS ). For more information, talk to one of our representatives.

  10. Does Praxis require a lot of training for users?

    Praxis was designed with the end user in mind. Participants require no special training and should be able to get up to speed with Praxis very quickly. If you're creating your first simulation, the online help and short how-to videos will guide you through the process, from building to delivering your simulation. If you require further assistance, we offer customized
    training courses to meet your needs.

  11. Can I produce my own custom Praxis simulations?

    Yes. If you've already developed your own discussion-based tabletop exercises, for example, Praxis is ideal for you. With a little specific Praxis instruction to complement your existing exercise design knowledge, you will quickly be developing engaging and immersive Praxis simulations. Even if you have no previous experience, we offer simple training designed to familiarize you with the Praxis design, development and delivery process.

  12. Can I get Praxis simulations produced for me?

    Yes. Based on your needs, we can provide everything from initial design consultation, right through to complete development and production, including multimedia production and cloud hosting.

  13. Do I need to have multimedia production experience and equipment?

    Praxis was designed to accommodate many common existing media types. Video content can be sourced from pre-produced existing training material, YouTube/Vimeo clips or customized video specifically produced for Praxis.

  14. Can our organization produce reports and perform analyses on the outcomes of the simulations we're delivering?

    Yes. Praxis provides interactive tools for visualizing data generated during the scenario as well as the ability to extract and export data for external analysis. Contact us to learn more.

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